What NOT to Feed Rabbits

Rabbits have super sensitive digestive systems that are prone to problems if they eat the wrong type of food. This can vary from mild discomfort up to issues that require emergency vet treatment.

Certain foods are outright toxic to rabbits while others are harmful if eaten too often or in too large portions. This list is a mixture of the two, and a lot of them have links to other articles where you can dive deeper into the food.

If you’re concerned that your rabbit has eaten something that they shouldn’t have, the best thing to do would be to either contact a pet poison hotline or your local vet. It’s always better to overreact than not react – as your pet’s life could be on the line.

Read on to find out what not to feed your rabbit.

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Rabbit Diet Myths

There’s a bunch of rabbit-friendly foods you can pick up from the store or grow at home to feed your furry friend.

But do you know what foods are often mistakenly given to pet rabbits?

You might be surprised to see some of these myths debunked in this article.

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Rabbit Myths

Rabbits are sometimes perceived to be quiet, boring, low-maintenance pets – and not thought of as part of the family as a dog or cat might be.

But rabbits are so much more than that.

They’re surprisingly complex creatures (with personalities and emotions). If you’ve never had the chance to understand rabbits, then you’ve come to the right place to see 20 common myths challenged and explained!

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Best Vegetables for Rabbits

Vegetables are crucial in a rabbit’s diet to ensure that they’re getting all the vitamins and minerals that they need. Your rabbit should be eating a variety of fresh, raw vegetables every day – around five different leafy greens can be given to your rabbit every day.

The majority of vegetables should be served in similar portion sizes – one cup of leafy greens for every two pounds that your rabbit weighs.

You can give your rabbit non-leafy vegetables too. However, these don’t tend to be as healthy, so they should be given to your rabbit in smaller amounts. Root vegetables like carrots or parsnip should be limited to one teaspoon for every two pounds your rabbit weighs.

Look out for links throughout this article that take a deeper look into each vegetable.

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Do Rabbits Like Blankets?

Yes, rabbits do like blankets. You can put these in their cage, use it to provide comfort, or cover their cages. You’ll need to make sure that the blanket doesn’t have any holes in it as your rabbit’s paws and claws can get stuck. Fleece blankets are particularly good choices, as they have short fibers that are less harmful if ingested.

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​​How Much Does It Cost to Neuter a Rabbit?

The average cost of getting your male rabbit neutered in the United States is between $200-$250. But in certain places, it can be as high as $600 and it’s can sometimes be as low as $75. Some places, like rabbit shelters, might even neuter your rabbit for free before you adopt him.

Neutering your male rabbit is through a procedure called castration, and it involves putting your male rabbit under anesthetic to remove their testicles. This means that they won’t be able to get female rabbits pregnant and their hormones will be gone so they’re usually calmer.

Fun fact: Getting a male rabbit neutered costs at least 10-15% less than getting a female rabbit spayed. To learn more about getting your female spayed, check out this article.

Keep reading to find out why the cost will vary for getting your male rabbit neutered, why you should get your rabbit neutered, and much more!

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How Much Does it Cost to Spay a Rabbit?

The cost to spay your rabbit will vary across the United States, with the average cost being around $273. The price can be as little as $76 and as much as $600 – and some places (certain shelters) don’t charge anything!

Spaying is the reproductive procedure that stops female rabbits from being able to have babies and should be a priority for every rabbit owner. After they’ve been spayed, the rabbits usually live longer and healthier lives.

Fun fact: Getting your female rabbit spayed costs around 10-15% more than getting a male rabbit neutered.

Read on to find out why it’s so important to get your rabbit spayed, everything you need to know about the procedure, and more!

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Can Rabbits Miss You?

Yes, rabbits can miss you. Though it’ll vary depending on the rabbit’s personality and how strong their bond is, they’ll usually miss their owners and other rabbits that they’ve bonded within their absence. Rabbits will also get lonely when left by themselves for long periods.

It’s important for your rabbit to have companionship – either living with another rabbit or bonding with their owner to help fulfill their social needs. You should also make sure that your rabbit has plenty of mental stimulation, food, hay, and water throughout the day. Without meeting these basic needs, your rabbit would miss you terribly, and suffer lasting effects from it.

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Do Rabbits Play Dead?

Yes, rabbits do play dead as a last resort survival technique. This will usually be if the rabbit is terrified or shocked, and they instinctively lie still on their back and don’t move a muscle to try and fool the perceived danger that the rabbit is dead.

Rabbits won’t usually go for the play dead option when there’s a predator nearby – they’ll run instead as playing dead will make them a far easier target and almost guarantee their death.

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Why Does My Rabbit Stare at Me?

Your rabbit could be staring at you because they’re hungry and want to be fed, because they want to be groomed, or because you’ve caught their interest. By understanding their body language, you can figure out the reason why they’re staring.

Read on to find out more reasons why a rabbit might be staring at you.

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