Can Rabbits Eat Cilantro?

Yes, rabbits can eat cilantro. Also known as coriander, it’s one of the best herbs you can give to your rabbit due to the range of nutrients they get from it.

One cup of cilantro per two pounds of body weight will make a tasty snack for your rabbit. It’s such good food that you can give it to your rabbit multiple times a week. As long as you make sure to mix it up with other vegetables or rotate them so your rabbit doesn’t get bored or miss out on any specific vitamins or minerals.

How to Prepare Cilantro for Your Rabbit?

If you’re giving your rabbit cilantro for the first time, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that the cilantro is fresh (not rotten).
  2. Wash the cilantro thoroughly under cold water (to rinse off any leftover traces of pesticide or chemicals).
  3. Remove the roots (they taste bad to rabbits).
  4. Remove the seeds too (they’re a choking hazard and full of fatty acids).
  5. Serve a couple of cilantro leaves to your rabbit. Monitor them for the next 24 hours to watch for any reaction. For example, if they’re acting out of character, not eating, or their toilet habits change.
  6. If your rabbit is okay after they’ve eaten cilantro, then you can increase the portion size next time.

If you’re unfamiliar with cilantro, signs of it being rotten include: losing its color, a foul smell, and if it feels sticky to touch. Throw away any cilantro with these problems and get fresh.

Also, rabbits can eat both the stems and leaves of cilantro – but not the roots or seeds. Carefully prepare the cilantro before serving it to your rabbit to avoid any mishaps.

Benefits of Feeding Your Rabbit Cilantro

Cilantro is packed full of beneficial vitamins and minerals for your rabbit. Eating this as part of a balanced diet with hay, other vegetables, pellets, treats, and water will give your rabbit the best chance of being healthy.

Just from cilantro, your rabbit can gain:

  • Antioxidants: To protect your rabbit’s body from free radicals.
  • Vitamins A and C: To massively boost the immune system.
  • Vitamins B1, B2, B3, and B6: To produce antibodies.
  • Vitamins E and K: To promote healthy skin and bones.
  • Calcium: To strengthen teeth and bones.
  • Iron: To boost metabolism and prevent anemia.
  • Magnesium: To aid calcium.
  • Zinc: To raise cholesterol levels and energy levels.
  • Fiber:To aid in digestion.
  • And more!

As well as this, cilantro contains antigens that can assist in indigestion relief and also possess antibacterial properties which can reduce the risk of illness. Not only is cilantro a tasty herb, but it’s also super beneficial for your rabbit!

Risks of Feeding Your Rabbit Cilantro

If you overfeed your rabbit or they eat spoiled cilantro, it’s very possible that they’ll get sick.

Too much can give your rabbit gas and diarrhea. Your rabbit will struggle with both of these issues and they can quickly get worse. Take them to a vet if you’re concerned.

Too much calcium is a problem rabbits can also face if they eat a lot of foods like cilantro – which is rich in calcium. This can lead to kidney issues and bone problems.

You also need to be extra careful about the condition of the cilantro too. Once cilantro leaves are removed from the stalks they begin to deteriorate, and eating them can make your rabbit unwell.

Rabbits can also get sick from eating cilantro if it has any traces of pesticides or harmful bacteria on it. This is why you should thoroughly wash it first, and if possible buy organic.

Can Rabbits Eat Dried Cilantro?

Yes, rabbits can eat dried cilantro. It’s a safe alternative for rabbits to eat if you don’t have access to fresh cilantro. You can mix dried cilantro with other vegetables to ensure that your rabbit is getting a range of nutrients. It’s possible that your rabbit will not like it, but that’s down to their personal preference.

Can Rabbits Eat Cilantro Seeds?

No, your rabbit shouldn’t eat cilantro seeds. As well as being a choking hazard, they can get stuck in your rabbit’s teeth and gut. The seeds are also particularly rich in carbohydrates and fats which can be detrimental to your rabbit’s health in large amounts.

Can Rabbits Eat Cilantro Flowers?

Yes, rabbits can eat cilantro blossoms. They’re safe to eat as long as they are free from pesticides. You can check this by confirming if the cilantro plant has been treated with any chemicals, if it’s organic then it’s okay.

What Other Herbs Can Rabbit Eat?

As well as cilantro, it’s safe for your rabbit to eat rosemary, mint, parsley, oregano, and basil. You can mix some of these together or rotate them in your rabbit’s diet for variety.

Can Baby Rabbits Eat Cilantro?

No, baby rabbits can’t eat cilantro. You need to wait until your rabbit is older so their digestive system has time to develop properly before they can broaden their diet. Wait until they’re at least seven months before bringing herbs into their daily meals.

Can Rabbits Eat Cooked Cilantro?

No, rabbits can’t eat cooked cilantro. Because cooking makes food softer, it creates issues for rabbits when they try to sink their teeth into it. Also, cooking tends to massively reduce nutrients so it provides little benefit for your rabbit. Always try to give your rabbit raw food as it’s better for them.

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