Can Rabbits Eat Pizza?

No, your rabbit can’t eat pizza. The only human food suitable for your rabbit is leafy green vegetables and some fruits which can be given in small amounts as treats.

It’s important to make sure your rabbit has a balanced diet with all the nutrients they need – and pizza does not contribute in any beneficial way.

Generally, a rabbit’s diet should consist of only raw food. Cooking food reduces the goodness and can sometimes make food too soft.

For all these reasons, you shouldn’t give your rabbit any of your pizza. Read on to find out what you should feed your rabbit.

What Should My Rabbit Eat?

Your rabbit should eat hay for 80-85% of their diet. An unlimited supply of hay is the most basic dietary need your rabbit has. The hay is designed for their digestion, wearing down their teeth, and providing fiber.

The next part of the diet should consist of 10% fresh vegetables and leafy greens. Ideally, a variety of different vegetables should be given to your rabbit. This makes sure they’re getting all the vitamins and nutrients they need.

Finally, your rabbit should have 5% pellets and treats in moderation. Usually, small chunks of fruits are used for treats and are given twice weekly.

All of this should be given alongside a constant supply of fresh water.

If you’re unsure if food is safe, always check it out first. If you think your rabbit has eaten something they shouldn’t have, contact a vet for advice.

What If My Rabbit Eats Pizza?

If your rabbit manages to eat some of your pizza, you’ll need to be on the lookout for any potential issues.

Pizza is made up of dough, sauce, and your choice of toppings. Most combinations are non-toxic and should be safe to eat, though not advisable. If your rabbit does eat it, monitor them for signs that they’re not well.

Signs include not eating or drinking normally, not going to the toilet as they usually would, and looking as though they’re in pain (i.e. hunched over or not moving much.) If you notice any signs, you should contact a vet for further advice.

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