Can Rabbits Wear Clothes?

Yes, rabbits can wear clothes. But this should only be if your rabbit is comfortable being put into clothes, if the clothing fits well, and if you monitor your rabbit the entire time that they’ve got the clothes on.

Tips for Rabbits Wearing Clothes

If you’re planning on putting your rabbit in clothing, there are a few tips you should check out to make it as safe and comfortable as possible for your rabbit.

Top tips for rabbits wearing clothes:

  • Make sure your rabbit is comfortable being handled: If you have a good bond with your rabbit then they’ll be calmer while you put the clothes on. It’ll be almost impossible to put clothes on a rabbit who is panicking and fighting you.
  • Get clothes that fit: If they’re too big, they’ll bunch up and could cause an injury. A rabbit won’t appreciate their legs being restrained. On the other hand, too small clothes will cause discomfort and be harder to get on and off.
  • Follow your rabbit’s cues: Putting your rabbit in clothes for the first time would be an unfamiliar sensation and they might not like it. If your rabbit is desperately trying to escape (legs kicking, grunting, and squirming), help them out because a rabbit can break their own neck or get injured by thrashing around so keeping them calm needs to be a top priority.
  • Limit the time: Even if your rabbit is comfortable wearing clothes, stick to short periods and then take it off again. Your rabbit’s patience can run out and cause them to get anxious.
  • Make sure they’re not too hot: Wearing extra layers can cause your rabbit’s temperature to rise. In the worst cases, they can get heatstroke, which can quickly become fatal.
  • Monitor your rabbit: You should never leave your rabbit unattended when they’re wearing clothes. Keeping an eye on them means that you can intervene if things go south.
  • Make sure that the clothing isn’t tight around their neck: This could limit your rabbit’s breathing and cause them injury if they get caught on something and tug too hard on their delicate neck.

What Clothes Can Rabbits Wear?

There are a few types of clothing that you can get for your rabbit. You can get these from some pet stores, online, or even make them yourself if you have the equipment.

Rabbits can wear:

  • Hats (some even have ear holes cut in!)
  • Sunglasses
  • Jumpers
  • Bow ties
  • Harnesses
  • T-shirts
  • Dresses
  • Fancy dress

There are plenty of options for your rabbit to wear clothes, whether it’s for an extra layer or a fun photo. If your rabbit is happy to play dress-up, the sky is the limit for what clothes you can get for them.

Just remember that your rabbit might change their mind – and if they do you should stop and take any clothing off right away.

Can Rabbits Wear Collars?

No, rabbits shouldn’t wear collars. They can catch on anything in your rabbit’s environment and could strangle your rabbit. A better option is to get an adjustable harness that doesn’t go around your rabbit’s neck.

Do Rabbits Like Wearing Clothes?

Some rabbits will like wearing clothing, while some won’t enjoy it. This is down to your rabbit’s personality and whether they’re used to wearing clothes. Follow your rabbit’s cues to work out if they’re happy wearing the clothes.

Can You Walk a Rabbit?

Yes, you can walk your rabbit on a leash. It’s important to make sure that your rabbit is safe and comfortable when you’re walking.

Can My Rabbit Wear My Clothes?

No, rabbits shouldn’t wear clothes that haven’t been designed for them. This is because even human baby clothes would be too big and force their body into unnatural positions to fit them.

Can Rabbits Wear Dog Clothes?

No, rabbits shouldn’t wear clothes that have been made for dogs (or other animals). This is because the clothes wouldn’t fit properly and might cause harm to your rabbit from being tight in the wrong places or uncomfortable.

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