Do Rabbits Eat Other Animals?

No, rabbits don’t eat other animals. Because rabbits are herbivores, they don’t consume any animal-based products.

A rabbit eats a plant-based diet that includes hay, leafy vegetables, and some types of fruits. You can also get store-bought pellets for your rabbit which are packed full of nutrients.

Are Rabbits a Predator?

No, rabbits aren’t predators to any other animals in the animal kingdom. Rabbits are prey animals that try to keep out of the way so that they don’t risk attracting notice from bigger, deadlier creatures by picking fights.

Rabbits have a long list of predators to be wary of. Both wild rabbits and tame pet rabbits need to be cautious of their natural predators. These include birds, foxes, badgers, snakes, coyotes, dogs, cats, and humans.

You can take precautions to keep your rabbit as safe as can be when they’re outside:

  • Never leave your rabbit unattended outside.
  • If their hutch is outside, make sure it’s secure. This means no holes or gaps, doors that lock properly, and perhaps a cover over the top as an extra barrier.
  • Make sure the yard area is secure too. Check for gaps in the fence or hedge. If your rabbit escapes from your property it’ll be significantly harder to protect them.
  • Try to prevent predators from getting near your rabbit altogether. Rabbits can die from fear in extreme cases, so reducing the opportunity for them to be so scared is important.
  • Teach your family/ roommates/ friends what they should be doing if they’re around your rabbit. For example, securing their hutch and always keeping an eye on where the rabbits are.

Your rabbit is quite fragile, so you should be extra careful to handle and look after them properly. If you have other pets, only introduce them if you have the situation under control. Dogs, cats, and birds could all go for a rabbit.

What Do Rabbits Eat?

Rabbits are the vegetarians of the animal kingdom. Their diet needs to consist of foods high in fiber and nutrients. For tame rabbits, this will be hay. A wild rabbit’s main source of fiber is grass. Rabbits also need leafy vegetables to get their vitamins and minerals.

Wild animals can forage for food, but pet rabbits rely on your care. Make sure your pet rabbit also gets enough vegetables (green and leafy veg is best), daily pellets, treats, and access to an unlimited amount of water.

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