Can Rabbits Eat Canned Vegetables?

No, you shouldn’t feed your rabbit canned vegetables. Instead, you should aim to be giving your rabbit fresh vegetables twice daily. As a general guideline, if it’s green and leafy you’re on the right track. Always research if a vegetable is rabbit-friendly if you’re unsure.

The problem with canned vegetables is that they typically contain a lot of preservatives and high levels of salt. Fresh vegetables contain nutrients that are perfect for your rabbit, but once it comes from a can it drastically decreases in nutritional value.

The only thing better than fresh vegetables is organic vegetables. That way, you know they’re as environmentally friendly as possible and won’t have any chemicals lingering on them.

Tips for Giving Your Rabbit Fresh Vegetables

If you’re new to rabbits or are just starting to introduce fresh vegetables into their diet, check out these tips to get you off to a good start.

  • Make sure the veg is fresh. You don’t want anything canned or frozen.
  • Wash everything before giving it to your rabbit. By rinsing it, you’re making sure that there are no chemicals or insects on it.
  • If it’s your rabbit’s first time trying something new, start with a small amount. Watch them for the next day to make sure they haven’t had a negative reaction. If all is well, you can slowly increase the portion size.
  • Don’t give new food (including fresh vegetables) to baby rabbits. The earliest they can have any new foods is around four months old.
  • Mix it up! Your rabbit will benefit from a variety of different vegetables. This gives them all the nutrients they need and prevents boredom.
  • Make sure the vegetable is rabbit-friendly. Typically, you’ll be looking for green, leafy vegetables – but if you’re not sure, always double-check.
  • Ideally, feed rabbits half their greens in the morning, and the other half in the evening. It’ll keep the food fresh and keep their digestive systems moving.
  • Feed alongside a healthy, balanced diet.

What Do Rabbits Eat?

Rabbits should eat a specific, balanced diet to be as healthy as possible.

Your rabbit’s diet should include:

  • Hay (around 80% of their diet should be good quality hay).
  • Water (your rabbit needs a constant supply of fresh drinking water).
  • Fresh vegetables (a variety of fresh, raw vegetables should be given to your rabbit every day. Leafy greens are usually good options).
  • Pellets (an egg cup worth of store-bought pellets will top up your rabbit’s diet).
  • Treats (your rabbit can have treats once or twice per week, but make sure that you alternate the treats every week).

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