Can Rabbits Eat Fish?

No, rabbits shouldn’t eat fish. Rabbits are herbivores (i.e. their diet is plant-based) so any type of meat or fish would be an inappropriate snack.

Rabbits may be tempted to take a bite when offered some – they are grazers so they’re eternally hungry. But this doesn’t mean you should let them eat it. It could cause a whole range of digestive issues for their sensitive stomachs if they eat fish regularly.

What if My Rabbit Ate Fish?

As curious, grazing animals, rabbits will eat just about anything. If your rabbit eats fish by mistake, they might be lucky enough not to have any ill effects.

If your rabbit has eaten a lot of fish or eats fish regularly, it may be causing internal digestive issues. With bodies designed for fiber, fish could get stuck or cause inflammation, in the worst cases this could be fatal for your rabbit.

If you’re worried about your rabbit or think something isn’t right, take them to a vet.

What Should My Rabbit Eat?

A perfect diet for your rabbit starts with unlimited hay. This should be accompanied by a handful of green leafy vegetables twice per day, and a small number of pellets.

Don’t forget to give your rabbit occasional treats too, and make sure their water bowl is always full of fresh water. All of this combined is a recipe for a healthy rabbit.

Can My Rabbit Eat Raw Fish?

No, your rabbit can’t eat cooked fish. Sushi (though a human delicacy) is unsuitable for your rabbit to try to digest. With rabbits, raw is usually advised, but raw fish is simply wrong for a rabbit’s gut.

Can My Rabbit Eat Cooked Fish?

No, your rabbit shouldn’t eat cooked fish. A large amount of cooked fish or eating it over a long period of time would ultimately upset your rabbit’s digestive system.

As a general rule of thumb, the only human food that’s safe for your rabbit is raw, leafy green vegetables. You should avoid any cooked food or anything outside of the vegetable or fruit food groups.

Can My Rabbit Eat Fish Food?

No, rabbits can’t eat fish food. The flakes are designed for aquatic creatures and are a formula specifically designed for the diet of fish.

If your rabbit has accidentally eaten a small amount of fish food, they might be fine – but you should keep a close eye on them for any signs that they need medical attention.

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