Can Rabbits Eat Leftovers?

No, rabbits can’t eat leftovers. For rabbits to be as healthy as possible, they need a high fiber diet with leafy and green vegetables and pellets. Rabbits should typically only have raw vegetables, and there are some types of veg and foods which are toxic or harmful to rabbits.

Human leftovers would likely have food and ingredients which simply aren’t suitable for your rabbit’s digestive system. Although it’s an easy way to feed your pets, you need to make sure that you are responsible and give your rabbit what they need – not what you have left at the end of your meal.

Rabbits are notorious for being grazers. They will keep eating and eating for as long as there is food available to them. It’s possible that they’d eat whatever food you put in front of them – including foods which could make them sick. The problem is the digestive issues that would come from this.

What if My Rabbit Ate Leftovers?

The answer depends entirely upon what the leftovers were. Unless they were raw green vegetables or a small amount of fruit, it’s likely going to disagree with your rabbit’s gut.

You should always call a vet if you are worried about your pet, or if you think that they have eaten something toxic. Make sure you know what your rabbit has eaten as the vet will most likely need to know to accurately diagnose and treat your rabbit.

If you’ve given your rabbit leftovers, then you should remove the leftovers as soon as you can. And as always, make sure that they have plenty of hay and water.

You’ll then need to closely monitor them. Some signs that there’s a problem include your rabbit not eating or drinking normally, changes in their bowel movements, and them acting out of character.

The severity of the issue from eating leftovers will depend on the specific ingredients and the quantity of what was eaten. A very small amount may pass through your rabbit and be okay, but the more they eat, the greater the problem will be.

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