Do Rabbits Eat Birds?

Rabbits do not eat birds. Rabbits are herbivores, so their diet consists of plants, not of other animals.

Rabbits can sometimes peacefully coexist in the same home as small birds. However, larger predator-type birds are more likely to pose danger and try to eat a rabbit.

What Does a Rabbit Eat?

A healthy, balanced diet for a rabbit would include some pellets, twice-weekly treats, a large portion of green vegetables, and – most importantly – hay.

Your rabbit should have unlimited access to hay to eat throughout the day. They also need to keep hydrated by having access to clean drinking water.

Rabbit to Bird Relationship

If you have both rabbits and birds, you might find that they form relationships.

This is dependent on their personalities, the environment they’re kept in, as well as the type of bird. Smaller, domesticated birds like budgies and parakeets are typically more likely to live alongside rabbits.

Remember that they don’t have any of the same food. You should always monitor them together, especially when first introducing them.

Larger birds of prey such as hawks or eagles are examples of a rabbit’s natural predators. Anything bigger than a crow can be considered a potential threat. Take extra care, especially

if your rabbit is outside.

Can Rabbits Eat Birdseed?

No, rabbits cannot eat birdseed – and you should try to prevent them from getting access to it.

While birdseed shouldn’t be fatal to a rabbit if they eat it, it may cause issues depending on exactly what seed was eaten as some can be more harmful than others.

Bird seeds also don’t provide any nutritional value to a rabbit, so are best to be altogether avoided.

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